Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teaser Tuesday: The Secret of the Keepers

Twelve days! The Secret of the Keepers is being released in under two weeks!Click on the pic to get the synopsis.

Here's the first page! :-)

Amethyst moonlight angled through the trees revealing a small frame standing in the road. The woman’s shoulders slumped with age; her wild, white hair fell to her waist in a thick, tangled mess. She leaned on a twisted cane, keeping her head bowed.
Gavin’s anger stirred. Even though it had been well over a year since I discovered that I could feel his emotions, sometimes they took my breath away.
“What’s wrong?” I reached for his hand and then brought it to my lap. My voice never made it past the slowing cadence of horse hooves, but the woman’s head tilted as if she’d heard me.  Gavin’s features became chiseled.
“It appears we have a complication.” He glared at the woman as the carriage rolled to a stop.
The forest grew still; only the sounds of leaves rustled in the quiet. The hair on the back of my neck prickled.
“Ester, you were warned.” Gavin’s voice became soft, menacing.
Her eyes snapped to him, and I gasped.
I’d grown used to the unusual irises of the Alfar. Gavin’s eyes were like faceted emeralds; his mother’s were the texture of smooth lavender opals. But these … these weren’t the jeweled tone that held essence. These looked as if they were made of solid gold. They held no depth, no expression.
They weren’t natural.