Sunday, October 23, 2011

Question of the day--What's up with Kate and Hol?

Seven days left!

There have been quite a few questions over the past few months regarding The Kailmeyra Series.

As the debut of The Secret of the Keepers draws near, I thought I'd answer some of the more common questions.

FAQ: Kate and Holly are Nora's best friends in high school. They are on the first pages in The Light of Asteria, yet they do not play and active role after the third chapter. What's the deal? Will we see them in The Secret of the Keepers

There were many opening scenes to Asteria, but when I wrote this one my Katie was picking out colleges. So were her four best friends. Even though they were sure they would all stay close after graduation, I knew I wanted to prepare her for the possibility that they might drift apart. It would've been easier if the girls had chosen to go to the local university, but these girls are adventuresome and scattered to the four winds. I wanted Katie to open her mind to the idea of meeting new people, not just stay in her dorm room skyping her besties. 

Also, it seemed a good way to show Nora's willingness to put others first. Just the fact that she helped Kate and Hol move in, even when it was painful for her, adds depth to her character. It gave the reader a glimpse into her heart, and let them see her struggle, her fears. It shed light on her pure nature, and seemed authentic to her spirit.

To be honest, I've been surprised at the following Kate and Holly have gotten. I love the fact that quite a few readers related strongly enough to them to write me and ask for more of Kate and Hol. Even though they do not make an appearance in The Secret of the Keepers, they may still may play a part in the third.

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