Monday, October 24, 2011

Question of the Day--New Characters in the Keepers?

Six more days until Keepers debut!

FAQ--Are there any new characters in the second book?

I think it would be difficult to write a sequel using only the characters from the first book. When you add a new world, that becomes impossible.

In The Light of Asteria, Nora and Gavin spent the majority of their time surrounded by only their clan. We didn't get a chance to meet the thousands of kinsmen that live in the castle, the servants, the leaders, or even the Elite Guard. And trust me, they are all there, in the back of my head, just waiting to be explored. :-)

I could spent years fleshing out characters and roaming the countryside, and while I'm sure I'd find it fascinating, the rest of the world would be bored senseless. Trying to create a believable world while not overwhelming the reader is difficult at best, and so I went back to the basics, only introducing those that drive the story forward.   

To be honest, these new characters in The Secret of the Keepers that are so strong I struggled finding words to do them justice. They are an amazing addition to Gavin and Nora and I can hardly wait to share them with you!