Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Question of the Day--What's up with the Portal and the Tree?

Five more days until Keepers goes live!

FAQ--Why is the portal in water?  And what's up with the Mighty Oak? Why not a Mighty Elm, or a Mighty Cherry tree?

Both of these questions bring to light my obsession with symbolism.

First, I couldn't help but make the portal  a lake. Water has symbolized sanctity, change, and washing away the old since the beginning of time. Every ancient culture/religion I studied views water in a similar vein. And so, when Nora pours out her intent and asks for forgiveness, I could think of nothing that would be more appropriate than to have her submersed in water. It only seemed right that the same water that protects Kailmeyra would embrace her,  flaws and all, and strengthens her so that she could reach her full potential. In my mind there was never another option. Everyone who enters Kailmeyra must first be washed clean. The fact that the water turns gold is symbolic as well. Gold is the most precious metal, symbolizing the divine nature in us all.  This golden symbolism is also carried throughout The Secret of the Keepers as well! :-)

As for the Oak trees, I looked to the Celtic culture on that one.  According to the Celts, the oak is a storehouse of wisdom encased within its mighty strength. It's towering presence serves as a reminder to nature that it is the "king of the greenwood." Oaks are said to bring a calm determination to survive, to help solve problems in times of trouble. Their logs are burnt in sacred fires at the brink of the summer solstice. The Celts, as well as the Greeks and Romans, often wore oak leaves as a sign of special status. The Celtic meaning of the oak tree includes qualities such as life, strength, wisdom, nobility, family, loyalty, power, heritage, and honor.

If that doesn't describe the Mighty Oak, then I don't know what does.