Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Believe Stella is Right

My friend Stella Deleuze just wrote a post on reviews that I found most interesting. 

You can read it by clicking here, but to sum it up, it seems that there is a growing trend for indie authors to post a "if you liked this, please post a review" blurb at the end of their book.

Really? Now that's a Bob move if I've ever heard one!

I agree with Stella. Readers are readers. I've read thousands of books that I've not reviewed. I know I wasn't born in the internet age, but as a teen I never would have thought "gee, what a great book ... I think I'll get on my mom's Amazon account  and write a review". In fact, most readers don't write reviews. They may tell friends, post on facebook an "I just read .... and I loved it!", or tweet a "Boy did .... suck!" I think one of the reasons places like goodreads is so popular is that readers can just star reviews and they don't have to actually write something.

People who spend hours everyday playing with words tend to forget how scary sharing anything can be. If you blog weekly, you most likely have forgotten that feeling. I have many friends that I've never asked to write a review because they'd agonize over sounding like an idiot or worry that some bibliophile would find grammar mistakes. .

I know we're all in the soup here, trying to find someone to scoop us up and read our work, but, personally, I'm not sure this is the best way to go about getting reviews.

It seems arrogant ... I'm just sayin'...

What do you think? Is it all right for an author to post a "if you liked this please post a review on .... " at the end of their book?