Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday's Teacher Tip of the Day

I've had many friends ask why I don't blog about teaching. The primary reason is that I started this blog to help spread the word about the Kailmeyra series. Now that the author site is up and running, I do most of my promoting over there, and so this site has become more of a personal blog. With that in mind, I've decided to start a teacher tip of the day thread. These are tidbits of advice from teachers across the board and will be geared toward giving parents a perspective from the other side of the fence.

Teacher Tip of the day
  • Please don't do your child's homework ... ever
I'll be the first to admit that over the years I've been guilty of this, especially in the middle school/ high school level. One of the kiddo's comes home snowed under with too much homework, and we have swimming/football/LaCrosse practice plus a game that night. It's too much, and so we divide the work. I take the ridiculous Spanish word search (does anyone get why in this day and age teachers still think these are a great idea?) while she works on a book report or studies for a test.

I'm helping, right? I mean, she can't get it all done and she can't get bad grades ... she's got college to think about. Right?


When a parent helps in this way, here's what they've really done. They've just told their child that they can't handle the work. They just reaffirmed that the Spanish homework given is not valuable, and they've just taught in no uncertain terms that if or when I decide to not do my homework mamma will come to the rescue and do it for me.

I think the more appropriate response would be to not go to practice. I know some may argue with me on this point, but too often I've seen parents ask their child to sacrifice their education for the sake of a sport. School has to come first, and the children must have ownership of everything they turn in.

It might not be pleasant, but the truth rarely is.