Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dear Tumblr, Your Ads are Driving Me Crazy!

Dear Tumblr,
Not sure what’s going on, but the mute button has stopped working on your sidebar ads. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I love a good screaming HHGregg commercial, or “Pretty Woman” playing in the background while Walgreens profoundly proclaims that beauty is measured in how many products one slathers on. And yes, the fighting ad is riveting as well.
But here’s the thing. I have you pinned as a tab, which means when I’m working, you’re up and running. I love having you just a click away, being able to scroll through you when I get a spare second or two. You bring me joy.  And sure, when I’m on Tumblr, I might not mind the screaming, or Pretty Woman playing while some chit tells me to run to the pharmacy before the neighbors grab their torches and pitchforks (although, honestly, that one’s not my fav). But when I’m I’m writing or on a conference call and those lovely ads start playing, despite the fact that I’ve muted them, I get a little cranky.
Tumblr, since I found you, we’ve had an honest relationship. And I need that honesty from you now. How does one go about actually getting the sound bar attached to the ad to work? Please don’t make me unpin you. I wouldn’t see you as much. And that would make me cry.
Always yours,

*photo is from Dmitry Kallnin

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