Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Secret to an Indie Author's success

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After working for five years in both traditional and indie publishing, I've discovered the secret to indie authors' success. 

And it isn't what you think.

When asked about the phenomenon, distributors credit indies for original, well-written, interesting stories. Traditional houses use words like "pop culture," "fad," or "lightning in a bottle."

But we all know of books that are incredibly well written, both traditionally and indie published, and yet they don't have great sales. And there are too many success stories for indies to be considered a fad.

So what is the missing component?

Simply put, it's relationships.

Readers are loyal to indie authors because they feel a connection with them. Bloggers love to be a part of a "street team" because they enjoy the interaction with not only the author but other bloggers as well.

And Indie authors never see a fellow writer as "competition." They learn from one another and share their tips and tricks of the trade. They create communities and build relationships. Most indie authors have fostered lifelong friendships with readers, bloggers, and fellow writers. They go to conventions, writing weekends, day-long signings and meet-and-greets simply to connect with others.

And when tragedy strikes, the community answers.

Brenda Pandos and Kristie Cook. Please click on
the pic if you'd like to donate. 
Author Brenda Pandos recently had complications from a procedure that left her with a long road to recovery. When the news hit social media, other indies immediately wanted to help. Brenda recently released her newest work, Evermore, which is book four in her wildly popular Mer Series. As she was unable to promote the work herself, authors, bloggers and readers promoted for her by posting on their own pages, helping sales skyrocket.

Not only that but Kristie Cook, author of the best-selling Soul Saver's series, started a gofundme campaign . Money collected will help pay for Brenda's healthcare expenses.

It hasn't been but a few days and already over $1500.00 has been raised.

This sense of familial bonds isn't found in the webpages of bigger houses. Nor does it come with a traditional contract. It comes by interacting and reaching out, one individual to another.

And others are starting to notice. Take a look at Katie Martell, Co-Founder and CMO of Cintell, discussing what marketing is supposed to be:

At the end of the day, success isn't about ad space or marketing manipulation or social media status. The true secret is empathy, understanding, and making real connections.

If you'd like to help Brenda, please click here. No amount it too little as every penny counts.