Monday, November 3, 2014

Questions about Kailmeyra #8

In celebration of The Heart of the Ancients coming out on November the 11th, I'm keeping with our little tradition and doing a post a day of the top questions readers have about the series.

Do Kate and Hol make an appearance in 
The Heart of the Ancients? 

For those that don't know, Kate and Hol were two of Nora's friends in the first book. 

BTW** The pic is actually Scarlett Johansson Vicky Christina Barcelona. I got it here.

To be honest, Asteria was my first published work, and I made the rookie mistake of introducing characters in the first chapter that played a minor role in the story. I didn't learn until later that this was a bad idea. Too, I wasn't expecting these characters to resonate so strongly with the readers. 

After numerous requests to bring Kate and Hol back, I did play with the idea for a while. But so much needed to take place in the third book, I was afraid bringing them back might weaken the storyline. That, combined with the fact that time works differently in Kailmeyra than it does on Earth, made it almost impossible. How could I possibly satisfy the reader's curiosity by giving Kate and Hol's backstory while introducing new characters that were integral to the plot? 

And so we decided to leave Kate and Hol where they were. I have played with the idea of creating a contemporary NA about their time at college. If the readers want it, I may just do that. :-) 

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