Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fun at the KRA Luncheon

The KRA decorated each table according to the author's books
and subject. What a cute idea! 
A few months back, I was invited to attend the Kentucky Reading Association's Author Luncheon. For my friends that aren't privileged to live in this great state, KRA's mission is to "... be a voice for literacy throughout the Commonwealth."

 As a teacher, I so admire the work of this association. Kentucky is a diverse state to say the least. Our farm communities struggle to educate many of our second language learners, the mountainous regions struggle with generational poverty, and the larger cities bring their own urban set of challenges. And so, it's exciting to have a conference where teachers come from every corner of the state to talk about the advances in literacy education.

 As a writer, I always look forward to meeting fellow authors and readers. What made this event great was the fact that the teachers attending the luncheon had a real passion for being in the classroom. What a wonderful opportunity to talk about my two favorite subjects: writing and education.

I'd like to thank Angie Madden, Kentucky Reading Association Author/Illustrator Luncheon Co-Chair, for all her hard work. I've rarely seen an event run with such precision and professionalism. Also, a special thank you to Joseph Beth Booksellers for bringing books to the event. I love Joseph-Beth's unwavering loyalty to the community. It's one of the many reasons I'll go twenty minutes out of my way to buy a book from them instead of going to a major chain just across the street.

One of the teachers at my table asked if I would like to quit teaching and write full-time. I explained that, while I would love to have more time to write, I'll never stop teaching. Writing is my passion, but teaching is my calling.

Today I was reminded I'm blessed to have both.