Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wordsmith Wednesday #3

The objective:

Show us a scene from your current project. It can be creepy, adventurous, romantic, etc. Just a snippet to let readers see what they're in for!

The guidelines:

 * Must be from a current work-in-progress (WIP). Nothing already published.
 * You may choose from any section of the manuscript, but be mindful not to include spoilers.
 * Keep it clean and YA audience friendly, please. No erotica.
 * Stay under 300 words or about one page. It can be as little as a few lines if you prefer. We just want to give readers a chance to see everyone's selection. 
 * Link back to Chirenjenzie so we can enjoy others' work as well!
 * Include the guidelines in your post. 

All righty, I'm putting a bit of a twist on this meme. Over the past several weeks I've done quite a few interviews, and it seems that are interested in the revision process. In honor of first drafts everywhere, here's the original opening paragraph to The Light of Asteria. What do you think? 
Hundred-year-old oak trees stood guard over the road to Holly’s beautiful white plantation style home. My hair whipped in the wind as I drove with the top off the jeep. The air conditioner was broken and I didn’t want to sweat the forty-five minute drive to freedom. I pulled onto the long cobblestone road that led to the small mansion and stopped at the top of the circular drive. Saying goodbye was never easy.