Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I am the one percent

There has been a lot of talk lately over the social networks about the 99%. A campaign to bring reform to our economic structure has led people to tell their most intimate struggles in a real and personal way. It disturbs me profoundly to see stories, written by hand, held close to a face that has seen immeasurable suffering. I find myself praying for them, hoping that they will come to understand that they hold the power to change their circumstance through faith and forgiveness.

Perception is reality. If we allow ourselves to see only the negative in our lives, that becomes who we are, and it determines how our lives unfold.  

And so, when I found this clip of one of my absolutely favorite people in this world, I decided that I like her take on human percentages much better than those of the wall street protesters. Like Maya Angelou, I choose to laugh, I choose to love, I choose to forgive. In short, I refuse to be a part of the world's 99%, instead choosing to be a part of Maya's one.