Friday, November 5, 2010

Review of The Dark Divine

It's been a while now since I've been able to really enjoy a good book. Writing is often a double edged sword. One side is honed with creativity, the other marred with a critical eye, and so when I picked up "The Dark Divine" by Bree Despain I set a goal to get through the first four chapters and really try to just enjoy the story.

The first page had me engaged, and pretty soon I found chapter four had turned into chapter fourteen, three hours had passed, and I was already halfway through the book. The story flows, the characters seem real, the plot well structured. For the first time in a long while I sat and read a book cover to cover without that critical voice whispering in my ear. Even though I figured out the plot twist early on, I found that I really didn't care. This book is an easy read that I really enjoyed, and I would gladly recommend it!