Saturday, May 22, 2010

Standing on the edge of change

There are times in our lives when we literally watch our paths change. We appreciate every second, the memory forever stamped in our hearts. The first time I heard the soft timbre of my daughter's voice, the first time I saw my son's dimples already set in newborn cheeks, his expression seemed to say "well there you are." The time I held a student, tears dripping off his chin as he sobbed that his mother was in the last stages of cancer and had flown to Baylor University. He didn't know if he would ever see her again. Each of these affected me so deeply that they altered my perception of the world.

As I walked into the bookstore last night, that feeling yet again hit me. I knew I was standing on the edge of change. A small line had already cued to the table, friends from every facet of my life were waving, the excitement tangible. Just twenty minutes into the signing we ran out of books, but no one complained. I gave them signed promotional postcards and a small gift for coming. They were more than happy to fill out an order form and come back for the book as soon as it came in. We had  around 100 people sign the guest registry, friends, colleagues, and even people I didn't know stayed the entire two hours talking and making new connections. The positive energy was contagious, and pretty soon  patrons who were there for other reasons came to the table just to see what the commotion was. It's moments like these that are few and far between. We need to embrace them, revere them, and recognize their power, for in them we grow.  

I cannot thank Joseph Beth Books enough for hosting the event. Even this first-time author got the red carpet treatment. A five-foot banner hung proudly from the second-floor railing, promotional posters displayed with a stack of books by the front doors so they could be easily purchased (hence the book shortage). The events coordinators, Brooke Raby and Rachel Ray, are true professionals that helped guide me through uncharted waters.

I will post pictures of the event early next week on the website. Thank you again for all who came, you truly made the night unforgettable.