Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Social Network Shout Out Day!

I've decided to make Wednesdays my Social Network Shout Out Day. This is a post for the fascinating people that I've met along the way outside the publishing industry. The idea is to give everyone an opportunity to experience something different. 

So here goes! 

Every morning I start the day by updating the tabs on Chrome. My writing group lovingly calls it "feeding the baby." Any Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, email, etc. messages I receive I take a sec and reply, and then I head on over to Pinterest.  

I love that Pinterest is so visual. Sure, I know my boards should be geared more toward the marketing end of things, but I like that it reflects my personality. Slightly strange with a myriad of interests. And so it was no surprise this morning when I found music videos popping up on the old screen. The pinned band is called Percossa and they hail from Den Haag, Nederland, wherever that is. I repinned knowing I would share it with my music teacher friends. 

A few minutes later, Percossa thanked me on Twitter for liking their work. (I use the automatic tweet every time I pin something). And Voila! I now have cool new "twends" that live somewhere half way around the world and can play some mean Boomwhackers.  

That, my friends, is the art of social networking. :-D 

Here's Percossa


Now, I challenge you. Head out to the great divide. Find someone random outside your normal medium, and shout them out just for the hell of it.