Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wordsmith Wednesday #6

Wordsmith Wednesday was started by a writing group on Chirenjenzie. Click on the pic to find out more, and be sure to join us! I'd love to see what you are writing!

Here's a scene from The Heart of the Ancients, the third and final book in the Kailmeyra series. Enjoy!

I spotted Gavin sitting by the hearth. His chestnut hair shone in the flickering light. Small flames sputtered within the dying embers. Judging by the pile of hot cinders, it looked as if he had been there quite a while. He calmly flipped the page of a large book as if he didn’t have a care in the world. 

“It won’t work.” I said, making my way down the stairs. “You can’t act like nothing’s wrong. Your emotions give you away.”

He looked up with a forced grin.  “Did you rest well?”

I frowned. “You know I didn’t. My dreams kept me tossing and turning all night. And you also know I don’t remember a blessed thing.” I struggled as my frustration warred with his determination. My frustration won. “Gavin, if I knew what it was, maybe—”

He set the book down with a decided thump. “We’ve been through this, love. If you are meant to recall your dreams, you will.” He took a deep breath, determined to steer the conversation onto calmer ground. "I’ve already sent for breakfast. We’re having your favorite, pancakes.”   

I steered it right back. “If you won’t talk to me, talk to Elias, Weylin … someone.”

Gavin pulled me onto his lap. One hand rested on my thigh, while the other found the soft crease of my elbow, applying just enough pressure to cause my heart to pick up its pace. He smiled, watching my expression; his desire calmed the emotional storm brewing.  

I bit back a smile. “That’s not going to work either.”

"Is that a challenge?" His voice became husky as the hand on my thigh made its way to my hip.