Friday, January 20, 2012

When two worlds collide

As you know, I teach music to over 500 kiddo's a week. Our school population went down this year, which opened up some time for me to work in the classrooms. This term, I'm working with the fourth grades, and the homeroom teachers and I decided to start classroom blogs. I'll admit that rarely do my two worlds collide, but when they do it's absolute dynomite!

The students' enthusiasm for the project is contagious. Some are emailing me from their homes with a new post, others are creating vlogs and posting them on youtube to use in their piece. I'm now meeting with students before school, during lunch, and on planning trying to get the pieces up and running.

This gives me an opportunity to go through basic grammar rules and discuss sentence structure in a fun way. But what I love most is that many of our students are excited that people value what they think ... they now have a voice and a way to make it heard. One class has already had 500 page views, which were seen in three different countries, and that's just in a week!

I'd like to take this a step further, and for that I need your help. If you are an author or a blogger, please take a moment to follow the three blogs below and comment on a post or two. Also, I might be contacting you to do a "guest post" that talks about who you are and how blogging is a positive influence on your life.

Here are the sites:

 Thanks so much for encouraging our children to express themselves through the written word!