Monday, October 31, 2011

The Secret of the Keepers is finally here!

It's not even 4 a. m. and I just checked Amazon for the third time since midnight. There's nothing that sends the old adrenaline pumping like seeing this for the first time:

It's both terrifying and gratifying to see your name on the jacket of a book cover. I've discovered with every book I write there's a little piece of me within those pages, and that feeling of being vulnerable, exposed, is still there. I thought that writing another book would make it go away. If anything it got worse!

Still, it's times like these that make me realize that I'm living the life I want to live. I wake up every morning and put my imagination on paper, and then I spend the bulk of the day inspiring young minds to dream. I couldn't ask for more!

Thank you to those who have supported me, encouraged me, and been a part of this journey. I'm so blessed to call you friends, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to live an authentic life.