Friday, October 28, 2011

Question of the day--What's up with Malachi?

Two more days till Keepers goes live!

FAQ--What inspired Malachi's character?

Malachi is near and dear to me for many reasons. His inspiration comes from a myriad of people, none of whom I know personally. He's also the only character that named himself, and so I freaked a little when I did a little research on his name. 

The word "Malachi" is not actually a proper name, but literally means messenger of God. Malachi wrote the last book of the old testament of the Bible, which was penned around the time of Aristotle and Socrates. It was a time when Greece thrived while the Israel struggled to survive. 

What I find fascinating about the Bible's Malachi and the Ancient One is that they both saw their people through a time when they were sure that they had been forgotten. When they thought that their power was dwindling at that they were simply left to suffer in the hands of fate. Yet Malachi kept reminding the people to keep their faith, and his dedication prepared the way for what was yet to come.