Sunday, May 15, 2011

Before You Know it There Grown.

As you know, my sweet baby Kate is graduating this year. Is it really May already? Somehow through college applications, ACT retakes, AP tests, college visits, and scholarship applications I've missed this year.

We started the graduating season today with Baccalaureate. It didn't really hit me that Kate is leaving until I watched her walk down the aisle in a cap and gown. I teared up for a moment, wondering if her pretend friend had joined us. (For those that don't know the story, when Kate was three she had a friend named "goofy" who lived in the ice chest at the Wal-mart in Tennessee. We had to go and let him out at least twice a week so he wouldn't freeze). 

And so, the next few posts might be a little personal and off the beaten writer path.

Please indulge me. It's an exciting time, watching your child standing on the edge of change. And, selfishly, it's a little heartbreaking too.

I guess my grandmother was right. Smile when they're screamin' and don't blink. Before you know it they'll be grown.