Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dealing with the storms in your life

It seems this week has been full of storms. Tornadoes ripped across the south, state testing brought a flood of restrictions and paperwork into the school, and people that I've networked with for a year made statements that caused a tidal wave of discussion. Don't get me wrong, I love debating issues. I just don't like it when someone makes a blanket statement that judges others based on a preconceived, and uneducated I might add, notion.

When life gets this dark and gloomy, I have to remind myself that the clouds will eventually roll away, state testing only last for so long, and that we must have compassion for the ignorant. The pious and arrogant, now they are a different matter.

As for the stormy week, when my grandmother would have a bad week she used to say that "this too shall pass ... maybe like a big ole kidney stone, but it'll pass". I somehow find comfort in that thought. :-)

How do you deal with the storms in your life?