Thursday, March 17, 2011

Indie Authors Helping Japan

We've all been affected by the tragic events of the past few weeks. My friend, Kristi Cook, author of The Soul Savers series, set out to find a way to help the Japanese people after the horrid 9.0 earthquake/tsunami disaster. A blog was quickly set up, authors from all genres volunteered to give what they could to raise money. For me, this is near and dear to my heart.

You see, my elementary school has a "sister school" just outside of Tokyo. Our children start learning Japanese in kindergarten, and our teacher, Miko Momozono Sensei, is not only a master at the language, but a native of Japan. Next week, our children will be writing letters of encouragement to their pen pals. Our prayers go out to them, and we have started a relief drive of our own, again funneling money through the Red Cross. We have children whose families have been lost, children whose lives are affected, children we know, worry about, and love. It is not enough to send our thoughts and prayers. We must do more.

I hope you look within your hearts and find that you too would like to help. Please, click on the Japan Relief button on the top of the sidebar and bid on some of the wonderful books and opportunities there. I am donating and autographed copy of Asteria, as well as an opportunity to have your name as one of the characters in a future book. Please, take a moment to bid and help change the lives of the people of Japan.