Monday, July 19, 2010

Teaser Tuesday Take Two!

All right, I couldn't help the alliteration (sorry, it was just too tempting!). Anyway, today I've chosen another teaser from The Light of Asteria. Thank you all so much for stopping by, and remember to comment if the spirit leads!

The judge interrupted my thoughts. “Please don’t say anything, no one knows.”

“Of course not …”

He shook his head and started the car. “Goodbye Nora. I’ll see you in my office tomorrow. We need to sign some papers and empty the safety deposit box. Remember, hon, you’re always welcome to stop in and see me anytime.”

I waved as I watched him drive away.

The hair stood on the back of my neck. I was farther down the hill than I thought.

“Gavin?” My voice echoed off the trees. Adrenaline combined with surprise. The door I knew I had left opened was now shut.

Immediately, I searched with my mind but he wasn’t there. Desperately searching again, all I could feel was darkness. My pulse pounded, as fear coursed through my veins. I became painfully aware that I was alone in the dusk. It was quickly becoming dark, and I was on the wrong side of the door. 

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Take care!