Saturday, June 26, 2010

A tribute to Book-Crazy Jenn

Every time I friend someone on twitter or Goodreads, I click on their site and 90% of the time it leads to a blog. I've come to realize that the world is full of fascinating people. I love how blogging allows the freedom to express, how we can interact in ways not possible just a decade ago. I've met quite a few blogger friends, and it's because of them I've grown not only as a writer but as a person as well.

 I've decided to honor these fine folks by dedicating the next few posts to some of my favorites.
 We'll start with Jennifer Sprague, book reviewer extraordinaire.
 Jenn was one of the first blogs I started following, even before Asteria went live. I love the way her reviews reflect her feelings. She writes straight from the gut and tells you what she really thinks without ever becoming negative. The love of a great story is what drives her passion, and I admire her kindness and honesty. Since January Jenn has read 119 books. Amazing, isn't it?

Here's a little about Jenn: 
First off, I am Jennifer, Jenn for short. I am a single mom of two kids. Aubrey, my daughter is 11 - she's an avid reader and loves to get lost in a good book. She is a really outgoing kinda girl, who has tons of friends, and can basically get along with anyone. Zachary is my son and he's 6. Zachary is just starting to learn to read, and I hope he loves it, someday - for now, reading is not his "thing." He's my shy guy...

I started really getting back into reading when I picked up Twilight, the movie had just come out on DVD, I saw it and something made me want to pick up the book and the I did. I devoured the book, with in 2 days I was finished and had bought all the rest...with in a week they were read! (I stayed up all night at least once to finish, I just could NOT stop.)

Since then, I have been reading non stop, finding I would rather pick up a book than turn on the TV, which is so not like me! :) Before, I started my renewed love for reading, that's where you found me, any time - even sitting working at the computer...the TV was, I am getting back into music, as well as reading!

Mostly I read YA Fiction. And this blog is mostly to help me remember all the awesome books I have read, find new awesome authors and new friends!

If you're a reader who needs an honest review, or if you're simply looking to interact with a warm, genuine person, Jenn's your woman!

Next post, Bubble Cow!