Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Questions about Kailmeyra-What's up with all the symbolism?

There is so much symbolism in the Kailmeyra series. Why? And will you ever create a guide or list so the readers know?

Anyone who has followed me for a while knows symbolism is my writing crack. For whatever reason, I absolutely love it. It adds subtle layers to a story, giving it depth and dimension. 

There are hundreds of choices throughout the series based on what they symbolize or represent. This post would be a mile long if I listed all the symbolism in the entire series, and so I thought I'd stick with a small sample of how color played a part in the series. If you'd like to read more about why the Alfar have jeweled toned eyes, click here


Gavin's eyes--I researched personality traits of eyes and discovered that people with green eyes yearn for lasting relationships. They are extremely passionate and long for the touch of another. Symbolically though, Emeralds in the Bible reference the glories of God, flourishing, essence of life, growth, and prosperity. Sounds like Gavin, doesn't it? :- )

Nora's eyes--In the beginning of the book, Nora's eyes are hazel. They actually are fashioned after Kate's (my daughter) eyes. It made perfect sense to me that people with hazel eyes are known to be beauties. They have unusual relationships, and are masters of diversity. They also jump in when trying new things, and they rarely say no to a challenge. After the golden lake changes Nora's eyes to light brown topaz, symbolism takes over. Biblically the topaz family represents beauty, worthiness, and honor.

Kailmeyra's moon--The fact that the moon is often described as an "amethyst light" is no accident. Amethyst was believed in mid evil times to control evil thoughts, quicken intelligence, and keep demons away.

The Dokkalfar--The Dokkalfar are originally from Norse mythology and literally mean "dark elf." I could have taken this as something as subtle as a few shades darker than an Alfar, but symbolically they needed to be the color of pitch. Black represents a lack of hope; it absorbs energy. While some view this color as sophisticated or sexy, I used it to represent hatred, utter hopelessness, evil and despair.  

The Urisk--Rune's eyes remain slate gray, which is the color of the mountain (symbolizing that God dwells within). The Urisk of Earth, however have eyes black as coal. This symbolizes the struggles of having to endure a world full of lies, hatred, cynicism and deceit.  

The Energy of the Mountain--There's a reason why energy is sky blue. Sky blue represents infinite peace and spirituality, healing and heaven. While sapphire blue (the color of Elias' eyes) has more obvious biblical connotations, but I chose sky blue for the infinite aspect. Positive energy holds infinite power and has the ability to give us infinite peace. And what can be better than that? 

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